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Complications of breast implants & breast augmentation - Curran J. Smith


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Secondary Procedures Following Breast Augmentation in Seattle, Washington:

Breast Augmentation Utilizing Saline or Cohesive Silicone Gel Breast Implants Treatment of Capsular Contracture Breast Reduction
Treatment of Bottoming Out Treatment of Complications Breast Lift

To My Patients and Prospective Patients:

From Alisa G. Rekow, M.D.

Regarding Secondary Procedures Following Breast Augmentation in Seattle, Washington:

Dr. Rekow has extensive experience in cosmetic breast enhancement surgery and while she makes every attempt to make this procedure as safe as possible and provide you with the outcome you desire you should also know that she has extensive experience in treating complications associated with breast implants. Dr. Rekow encourages all women who have had a complication, “undesireable outcome”, or problem with their implants to attempt to resolve the “problem” with their initial / primary surgeon. However when this is not possible Dr. Rekow is available to assist in treating these problems.

Bottoming Out:

Following breast implant surgery all implants are in a “pocket” (a space) which is lined by a tissue layer which the body creates to isolate the implant from “you” (your tissues). This layer which is termed a capsule is desirable and a healthy, supple and pliable capsule is the outcome we all strive for and which is generally attained. When the capsule / scar tissue which forms around the implant is not sufficiently strong or well developed the implant may begin to drift downward. (The soft tissues supporting the implant are not adequate to maintain it in the desired position.) This may occur in one or both breasts following implant surgery. Mild degrees of this are generally well tolerated as the appearance of the breast is good (it may even be preferred by some women) and the the breast and implant are soft. When it becomes significant the nipple may appear to be on the top side of the breast or a significant portion of the breast volume may be below the level of the nipple. A procedure known as a capsulopexy (internal suturing of the scar tissue higher up to replace the implant into its desired position) can be performed. Generally at the same time a discussion will be undertaken regarding the consideration of a smaller (less weight and volume) implant and the possibility of implant removal. As with all secondary implant surgery the election to undergo a secondary procedure and the timing of that intervention are highly individual – there is no uniformly correct answer.


If you are seeking a cosmetic surgeon in the Seattle area for breast augmentation surgery, breast lift, breast reduction, or other cosmetic procedure such as a “tummy tuck in Seattle” (abdominoplasty), facelift, browlift, eyelid surgery, labiaplasty or liposuction we would be delighted to see you in consultation.

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