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Regarding: Breast Lift – Mastopexy

Your anatomy will determine where and how high on the chest wall your breasts were intended to be. Time, pregnancy, weight loss and gravity to mention a few of nature’s less kind interventions may have altered where they actually are at the present.

This operation is not generally recommended until you have determined that you have completed your family; i.e. there are no future planned pregnancies. It is also recommended that you be at or close to your desired weight (one which is sustainable) so that you can derive the maximum benefit of the lift and tightening which it can afford to you.

breast lift surgery

Depending upon your tissues (the volume of breast tissue to be lifted) and the quality of your skin a number of options will be reviewed with you to determine how best to accomplish your goal. Scar patterns will vary from the classic inverted “T” / anchor incision to more limited vertical (“lollipop”) incisions and other techniques will be reviewed with you based upon your examination.

A technique which I find helpful to “unweight” the bottom of the breast sometimes referred to as a “muscle strap” mastopexy is generally recommended to patients with a significant volume of tissue to be lifted as I believe that it effectively increases the longevity of the outcome. (Your result tends to last longer). Skin thickness (thinner skin may not support the breast tissue as well), elasticity and the quality of the healing process (scar tissue) you will form will also significantly impact the quality and duration of the result which you will obtain.

Generally an incision is made around the areolar tissue and you will be asked to make a decision regarding size; if you desire a reduction in the size of the areolar tissue you get a very simple small 42 mm, medium 45 mm and large 48 mm size selection which provides most women with a size they can be comfortable with. If you have a preference other than the above, please inform your plastic surgeon of this.

As portions of the operation will potentially occur around or near to the nerves which provide sensation to the nipple and areolar tissues you may experience either temporary or permanent loss or altered sensation to these structures.

Your initial consultation for breast lift surgery , inclusive of a focused physical examination, will assess your anatomy and the quality of your tissues. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your surgical options with you and address any remaining questions you may have.

Your Breast Lift Procedure:

This operative procedure is deemed suitable to be performed through our in-office ambulatory surgical facility with discharge to home on the day of operation when performed alone; if performed with another procedure over night hospitalization may be recommended. You will be marked pre operatively and will be requested to approve certain aspects of the marking for symmetry and the prospective height of your nipples.

A responsible adult will need to take you home the day of your procedure and stay with you for 24 hours. You will also need to be seen the day following your procedure so this person (or another responsible adult care giver) should be available to bring you back to the office. Prescriptions to aid in dealing with pain, nausea and vomiting (rarely needed) and antibiotics will have been provided to you pre-operatively and should have been filled prior to your operation. You are encouraged to get up out of bed and move around post operatively. Coughing and deep breathing are also recommended. Overall activity levels will be restricted for six weeks post operatively.

Post Operatively:

There are no anticipated long term limitations on your activities. Routine self breast examination and mammograms should resume on a normal schedule; if appropriate a new “baseline” mammogram should be obtained between six months and one year following your operation.

For more information about breast lift surgery contact female plastic surgeon Dr Michele Shermak at – she is located in Baltimore MD and is board certified.

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