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Liposuction and Ultrasonic Liposuction in Seattle Washington


To My Patients and Prospective Patients:

From Alisa G. Rekow, M.D.


Liposuction - Suction Assisted Lipectomy in Seattle, Washington

The best Candidate for this procedure; a person with localized collections of fat which are resistant to weight loss through diet and persist despite exercise. People who are at or close to their ideal body weight derive the greatest benefit from this procedure. (A body mass index (BMI) of 21 – 25 is ideal; an individual with a BMI of 26 – 30 is a good candidate. Above 30 (30 – 35) individuals will benefit from liposuction but the result will not be as good as in those individuals closer to their ideal body weight. This procedure is not well suited to individuals with a BMI of greater than 35.) For people who are in the 30 – 35 range a diet and exercise program is recommended prior to consideration for liposuction. (Additional benefit: our fee schedule “rewards” you for being closer to or at your “ideal” weight. It is less expensive “per area” to have liposuction surgery through our surgical facility if you are in the more favorable BMI range.) Yes, all that diligent working out at the gym and a healthful diet has finally paid off.

If you are not at your desired weight, I recommend that you get down to your desired weight and stabilize your weight prior to undertaking this procedure rather than have it done and then try to lose additional weight (the best results are obtained when you are at your desired weight).

Your weight should be stable for three months prior to undertaking liposuction (a weight which is relatively constant over this period of time should be permanently sustainable).

You should not be attempting active weight loss for at least one month prior to this or any other operative procedure.

Your Tummy Tuck Consultation:

At your consultation you will learn about liposuction as a procedure and we will discuss your goals; during the physical examination we can assess those areas you seek to reduce and will prioritize those areas which you desire to have “suctioned”.

I have a 4000 cc of extracted fat per patient limit for any liposuction procedure(s) on a given day. A minimum of three months must elapse between procedures.

Suction assisted lipectomy (liposuction) DOES NOT TREAT CELLULITE.

Fat that is contained within the abdominal cavity can not be removed by suction. NOT ALL FAT IS EQUALLY SUCTIONABLE.

Areas treated by liposuction are thinned (not all of the fat is removed); the remaining fat (fat cells) can still enlarge. There will be fewer fat cells in a treated area (and the fat that is removed is gone) but from a physiologic point of view the remaining cells are unchanged and can enlarge in the future. Which is to say if you are going to gain weight liposuction does not prevent you from gaining weight in a given area.

Your Tummy Tuck Procedure:

Your operation is performed in our office through the ambulatory surgical facility. You will stay with us for a short time following your procedure but will be discharged to home into the care of a responsible adult that day. You should have a responsible adult remain with you for a day following the procedure. You should plan to get up and walk around following your procedure and may return to a normal diet later in the day. You will be in some form of compression garment, binder, acewrap or some combination of these following your operation. Bedding should be protected as there will likely be some drainage of fluid which dressings will not control. (This is mostly the fluid which is placed into the tissues but there may be some “blood tinge” to it.)

Following your Tummy Tuck procedure:

You will likely weigh more immediately following your procedure than you did prior to it due to the instilled fluid. The bulk of this fluid will be mobilized and excreted over the next five to seven days. Your “final result” may not be fully evident until three to four months following your procedure but most patients see some result immediately.

Appointments to see me following liposuction are generally made for one week, possibly at six weeks, at three to four months post operatively and at one year post operatively. Minor touch-ups if required are generally not considered until approximately four to six months post operatively. Massage of the areas in which you have had liposuction is strongly recommended but is of a lighter more superficial nature (more lymphatic than deep muscle massage).

Your activities will be restricted for six weeks. Normal walking, normal use of stairs and moderate activity are good.

While I recommend that patients wear a garment for six to twelve weeks you are not obliged to if following the first two weeks you find the garment uncomfortable or overly restricting.


If you are seeking a cosmetic surgeon in the Seattle area for tummy tuck Seattle (abdominoplasty Seattle) or other cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation Seattle, breast lift Seattle, breast reduction Seattle, facelift Seattle, browlift Seattle, eyelid surgery Seattle, labiaplasty Seattle or liposuction Seattle we would be delighted to see you in consultation.

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