Facial Rejuvenation in Portland Oregon

Blepharoplasty in Portland Oregon by Dr. William Portuese

It is an unfortunate fact of life that age, the sun and heredity all seem to impact the facial features first. There are many things that contribute to facial wrinkling such as your ethnic background, sun exposure, diet, and alcohol and tobacco consumption. The aging face has specific areas that are likely to be affected by this process. These include, the drooping of the brows, the down turned corners of the mouth, the heaviness of the jowls and often times the lengthening and drooping of the nose. All of these are a result of on going changes in the skin, fat and muscles of the face according to  .

blepharoplasty in portland oregon

Having an over all “tired look,” is an often complaint heard by Dr. William Portuese and his staff. Dr. William Portuese specializes in a natural lift to rejuvenate your face with minimal incisions or the usual tell tale signs of plastic surgery. You will be complemented on how youthful and rested you look and not on your new procedure.

The most common facial rejuvenation surgeries are endoscopic brow lifts, eyelids and facelifts. Redefining other facial features often enhances these procedures. Irregularities of the nose, ears, cheeks or chin may upset the balance of the face and affect the overall appearance, since these features are often viewed in relation to one another. Aesthetic surgery can reshape the nose, diminish prominence of the ears, and reshape the chin to improve excesses or deficiencies in these areas. Redefining the nose, chin or cheeks is common practice in facial rejuvenation. These cosmetic surgery procedures help to give the patient a softer, more youthful and well-defined appearance.

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