Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation (or chin implant) involves the placement of a small implant to enlarge and/or refine the shape of the chin and jawline according to top plastic surgeon like Austin Hayes MD.  Since we can rarely see what we look like in profile, many people come to see me for consultation after they see a picture of themselves in profile.  Most of these patients simply never realized that their chin was too small or that it was undermining their facial balance.

Proper balance of the face involves many factors, but the primary factors are the projection and relationship of the nose and chin.  Oftentimes patients feel that their nose is too prominent, when in reality their chin simply does not project enough to balance the nose.

Depending upon a patient’s existing anatomy and their desired outcome, I can select from a wide variety of implants the proper implant that will fit well and produce a natural look.  We can do computer simulations in the office during consultation that provide a pretty accurate projection of the results that can be expected.Chin augmentation is one of cosmetic surgery’s simplest procedures and recovery is prompt, with minimal bruising and moderate swelling.  Patients can return to their normal activities a short time after surgery.

Occasionally, a chin implant is done as an isolated procedure, but more commonly chin implants are used in conjunction with face lift, rhinoplasty, or neck liposculpture to produce a better and more pleasing balance to the lower face.

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